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Market Research shows how Cape drought leads to Innovative Designs


It’s amazing how hardship or times of crisis often lead to some of the most incredible innovations. World War I and World War II both gave rise to some incredible innovations not only in military weaponry but in technology, medicine and many other areas. The current drought in the Western Cape which has lead to water restrictions have lead to some major innovations in techniques in rainwater harvesting in Cape Town .

All the different types of Fibreglass products that are available are manufactured in factories around the world by experienced and well qualified people. They use involved, and at times, complicated equipment and tools. However this is a very technical way of manufacturing fibreglass products and is not easily understood by the ordinary man in the street. Therefore in this article we will be concentrating more on the everyday use and application of manufacturing of fibreglass products. The drought and low levels of rainfall in the Western Cape over the past 12 months have had catastrophic effects on regular homeowners as well as businesses dependent on water for their day to day operations.

Fibreglass can be used to manufacture various products in various shapes and sizes, but can also be used to repair existing products that have been cracked, broken or worn.Let us first consider the manufacture of new products using fibreglass. Firstly we need to consider the materials that will be needed in order to produce a product.

The main ingredient used in the manufacture of various Fibreglass products is the Fibre fabric.  This fibre fabric can be in sheet form of various widths and weights and can also be made in the following forms:

  • Woven ( plain or twill weaves)
  • Matt
  • Tape form

This fibre fabric is used because it is very light but also very strong; it is also durable and can hold up under extremely hot conditions. The fabric is also a very good non conductive material. In order to make the fibreglass into a product various types of resins are used. A certain type of resin is used to produce a fire retardant product; a different type of resin is used to produce a rigid and corrosive resistant product. There is also a special type of resin used for the production of swimming pools and in boat building. However in order to complete the process the use of a catalyst is required. This catalyst causes the fibreglass and resin to set and harden into a hard rigid plastic form, and because it cures at normal room temperature it makes this method of product manufacture available to the average person. You will also need paint brushes, a release agent like wax or oil to release the fibreglass from the mould, then you need rubber gloves and a face mask.

A few examples of products that can be made by using fibreglass:

  • Motor car bodies
  • Children’s toys
  • Garden furniture

Whatever the product, we are now ready to begin.  Firstly we need a pattern or mould which must be in the shape of what your finished product will look like. You then coat the mould with wax or oil in order to allow the fibre glass to be easily removed from the mould. Then you cut and lay the fibreglass fibre; in woven cloth or strand mat form; over, or inside, the mould and apply the resin mixed with catalyst to the fibre glass and allow to dry. You can then repeat this process until you have the right thickness you desire for your finished product. This will give you the required strength needed for the product you are making. Also remember when laying the fibre glass, try to lay each layer in different directions as this will assist in giving greater strength to your end product. A good guide to the number of layers that are needed for your finished product is at least 3 but not more than 10 layers. It may be necessary to sand the fibre glass after each coat to obtain the right gloss finish you want. After the resin has cured properly you can remove it from the mould and do the final sanding. Finally you need to remove the excess fibre glass and begin to paint the product and add any final touches you desire. Jaguar Products in Cape Town have begun manufacturing fibreglass products for rainwater harvesting. The company have developed an extremely fashionable and streamlined range of fibreglass tanks for rainwater harvesting.

Fibreglass can also be used to repair products that have been broken, cracked or worn, or be used in the manufacture of truck bodies or containers. In this process use is made of flat panels that can vary in size. In this case there is no need to make a mould for the finished product, but the use of a piece of wood or other stable material is used as a base.  The process to produce the finished product is the same as that mentioned above for the manufacture of finished products.  These flat fibreglass panels can then be used for many purposes, such as the sides of a truck or container or by assembling them together, can be used as the walls for a house.

Market Research in South Africa


When you are full-steamed with new business ideas, you want to do everything to give them shape and utilize their possible ways to their fullest. But sometimes, the recognized adage “Less is more” is valid too! When you are inside the online marketing business, do trust these hints: the much easier your business method is, the more money you’ll pull in.

The market place is really a difficult place to compete in since there are numerous well-established competitors on the market place. There are many companies that have name recognition and it is hard for almost any other upstart to seize any part of that business. Therefore, it is smart for a start up business to do business with a likeminded business to pool their resources and create a dent within an otherwise unreachable market.

When promoting your products or services you should realize that the benefits which you focus on are strongly related the client you are selling to. Using researching the market that will help you determine what their unique needs are will assist you to do this. In many ways it really is more potent to sell the answer that the product and service can provide than actually selling the merchandise and service. At the end of your day products and services must be seen as strategies to supplying the answers to peoples problems. For example, a $10,000 car does principle thing as what a $100,000 car is going to do that is certainly it is going to drive from A to B. The only difference is with regards to selling the $100,000 car you might be not actually selling a motor vehicle you are selling a life-style that individuals dream to and that is what you should target when matching your service to the needs of one’s customers. People have different needs whether be physical or emotional. Higher up the dimensions you are managing consumer needs which are more attached to emotions and self-esteem. Products that make people feel and look younger can be in hot demand.

The only that is still to become done is good for one to help the most effective leads generation firm. There are plenty ones scattered around the world, claiming being the most effective in the commercial. Of course, only a few of them can resist closer scrutiny. A little caution in choosing your companion, in addition to a little effort within your searching, will frequently lead one to the best telemarketing firm to help. It may be troublesome from the beginning, however the rewards inturn are great.

Dig into Amazon. Amazon is a great destination to boost your researching the market before a launch campaign. Not only does it sell plenty of product, but it is a good source for customer reviews. People check out Amazon to provide their opinion and rate products. Read the reviews carefully. If you do, you may better view the conversation in their eyes and which emotions are driving them to action.

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